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October 24, 2009


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Thanks Wayne. The image is the prototype that I've ptenaid. I'll have to see how the factory does it. It'll most likely change a bit as everything is a process. Being my first one, it's a lot of learning on the go.As for specs, it's about 13 inches tall, 1/6 scale. Material will be resin. The dress is currently resin but might have some issue with it being too thin. Edition size, it's going to be around 300 to 400. Most likely 300. So it is limited, as for COA, have not decided that yet. There's always imprints on the base with the edition number so sometimes you don't need an additional piece of certification. Yamato is manufacturing it, then it's on my court as to what to do with it. They will help distribute some, but the bulk of it will be with me as I have my eBay store that I can sell from. So it's really going to be a direct from artist kind of thing. I'll post some more images, especially work in progress stuff. That's always fun to look at. And with this blog, I'm going to share my process on making a statue. So that others can learn from my mistakes if they ever want to do something like this too.Thanks.

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